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Spurs’ Manu Ginobili loses his sole

Well this is just about the worst shoe advertisement imaginable.

In the second quarter of Wednesday’s Detroit Pistons-San Antonio Spurs game, Manu Ginobili was guarding Rodney Stuckey, who drove into the paint and stopped quickly as the ball was nearly poked away. Ginobili and Stuckey both went to the floor. Detroit retained the ball, but Ginobili did not escape unscathed.

At least, his left shoe didn’t. When Ginobili came to a stop, his foot comically burst through the left side of his shoe. The Spurs star had to keep playing for nearly 20 seconds before there was a break in the action.

The 12-year veteran made his way to the bench, shoe basically hanging off his ankle, and had to change out kicks. It appears that he was wearing Nikes when his shoe failed him.

Just do it?

The Spurs went on to win the game 120-110, and Ginobili had a solid game otherwise, finishing with 16 points and nine assists in 28 minutes off the bench.