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UW’s Chris Petersen pranks his team on April Fools’ Day

There weren’t a lot of great sports-related April Fools’ jokes played this year (looking at you, LeBron James, and that lame Twitter mix tape thing…you’re better than that.)

But we think new Washington football coach Chris Petersen probably pulled off the best of the bunch. He gathered his team on campus early in the morning to unveil new uniforms — a sneak peak before they’d be shown publicly a few days later.

Two players came out in what looked like practice uniforms — one gold and one purple — with a large ‘W’ on the chest, more ‘Ws’ on the thigh and ‘Dawgs’ written across the back side of the pants.

We’ve seen teams absolutely go bananas when they approve of a uniform change. That wasn’t the case in Seattle. There was even a smattering of laughter as the players modeled the new threads.

Then, the coach gave the actual reveal.

“Forget about the past. Be here now, right,” he said. “What is now? It’s April Fools’!”

Petersen’s declaration was met with an audible “Thank God” from one member of the squad.

Well done, UW.