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NCAA Championship Game brings presidents Bush, Clinton together

Oh, the power of sports.

It’s one of the few events out there that can bring people of all backgrounds together — men, women, rich, poor, Democrats, Republicans, etc.

That was made clear Monday as the two previous U.S. presidents were spotted together among the crowd at the NCAA Men’s Championship Game in Arlington, Texas.

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were shown sitting next to each other on the Jumbotron in AT&T Stadium early into the game between Kentucky and Connecticut.

Having Bush, a native of the state and former co-owner of the Texas Rangers, in attendance wasn’t a surprise, but seeing Clinton there, especially while seated next to a Republican counterpart, was a little unexpected.

The two were also sitting next to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and Bush’s wife, Laura, was by his side.

Good to see the former presidents put aside any differences they may have to partake in something we all can enjoy — championship basketball.