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Connecticut’s nickname befuddles Buffalo Wild Wings

We don’t want to throw the whole chain of Buffalo Wild Wings under the bus, but the employees at one location committed a pretty hilarious — and unforgivable — error.

On a white board advertising the restaurant’s specials, a Buffalo Wild Wings at an unidentified location wanted customers to know it would be showing the Connecticut-Kentucky NCAA Championship Game that evening.

The only problem? Connecticut’s nickname, UConn, was spelled phonetically the same, but literally different — as in “Yukon v. Kentucky.”

Somebody’s not very good with homophones. The white board also had Budweiser misspelled.

Oklahoma women’s basketball player T’ona Edwards posted the following picture to Twitter:

This BWW might very well be in Oklahoma, since it showed the start time as 8 p.m. — when the game started in the 9 o’clock hour on the East Coast.

For that, BWW, you do not deserve an overtime out of this game.

And justice was served with the decision, as the Huskies defeated Kentucky 60-54 — in regulation — for the program’s fourth championship in the last 15 years.