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Alabama store offers Jameis Winston crab legs

When Florida State’s Heisman-winning quarterback got busted Tuesday for shoplifting crab legs from a Florida supermarket, it was really only a matter of time before the Internet and real world turned it into a long running joke.

The Internet struck first, with gems like Free Seafood University and some quality Photoshop jobs. But now the real world is catching up, and an Alabama supermarket came through with the first big hit — offering Jameis Winston crab legs as a joke.

College football is obviously a different animal in the southeastern part of the U.S., and the Alabama store decided to have a little fun at Winston and Florida State’s expense, though the crab legs were never actually for sale.

But hey, lesson learned. If you’re a Heisman- and national championship-winning quarterback, maybe it’s best to avoid walking out of a store without paying for more than $30 in seafoood.