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Lithuanian soccer player rushes to stands to applaud his own goal

FK Trakai’s Dzimtry Koub is his own biggest fan.

At least it appeared that way after he scored the tying goal Wednesday against Zalgiris Vilnius in an A Lyga match.

After Koub knocked in an 86th minute equalizer, he darted all the way to the sideline and into the adjacent stands.

Being that there were only a handful of spectators in that particular grandstand, Koub took a front-row seat to give himself a polite round of applause.

Also worth noting is that this gesture came at an opposing team’s field. Was he trying to taunt the other team or just get their crowd a little more into the action?

Koub didn’t end up with too much of a reason to be cocky, however. The match ended in a 1-1 tie.