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Kings Ice Crew member slips and falls hard after Stanley Cup celebration

The Los Angeles Kings claimed their second Stanley Cup in three years with a thrilling 3-2 double-overtime win over the New York Rangers in Game 5 Friday night.

After stumbling out of the gates in their first-round matchup with the San Jose Sharks, suffice it to say no one could trip up anyone in the Kings’ organization.

Well, until after their final on-ice celebration that is.

During KTLA reporter Mario Solis’ live shot following the Cup-clinching victory at Staples Center, an unsuspecting woman is seen falling on her face in the background.

The woman, wearing what seemed to be high-heeled shoes, was not a fan or a member of one of the player’s families.

No, Hannah Hunsinger is a third-year member of the Kings Ice Crew team — meaning she spends all season moving gracefully around the rink during stoppages in play.

Hunsinger didn’t sustain any injuries after the fall (which is good), but she might be the most famous figure from the series finale not named Alec Martinez or Justin Williams.

Word of advice, don’t quit your day job.