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Petition asks Thursday to be declared a national holiday for US vs. Germany match

Thursday’s match between the US and Germany is a big one, with the winner advancing to the knockout round of 16 at the 2014 World Cup.

Of course a tie would allow both teams to advance, but we like winners!

Anyway, the match is set to begin at 12:00 pm EST, or 9:00 a.m. here in Arizona.

Given that people will be at work, it’s not exactly a great time for folks who may want to watch.

So, a group of people has come up with a solution: Declare Thursday a national holiday.

In a online petition filed to the White House, it is asked that the government take immediate action.

On Thursday June 26th the United States faces Germany with a trip to the knockout stages of the world cup on the line. Americans all over this great country won’t get to see that game, won’t get to enjoy the fraternity of their fellow citizens because it is scheduled for the middle of the day.

We’ll be sneaking out for long lunches, refreshing browsers, calling in sick.

You can save everybody the trouble. Make thursday a holiday. Let’s do this thing right and all stop what we’re doing and watch the game together.



Odds are it’s not going to work. A total of 100,000 signatures are needed to earn an official response from the White House, and given that the petition had just more than 3,000 as of 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, it would appear unlikely that the goal will be reached by Thursday’s game. Besides, even if it was it’s hard to see something being done in time for the match.

But that doesn’t mean it’s an unworthy cause, and if the US should win Thursday — and then go on to win the World Cup — perhaps a new holiday will end up being born.