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49ers coach Jim Harbaugh brings his glove tour to Chase Field

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh was in town Monday at the Miami Marlins-Arizona Diamondbacks game, and yes he brought his baseball mitt with him.

This is at least the third ballpark he’s been spotted in with a glove in just over a week.

He was first seen at an Oakland Athletics game with an A’s hat and a black-and-red mitt on June 29.

And then Harbaugh was seen at a San Francisco Giants game last Thursday with a 49ers cap and his glove again, even though he was behind home plate and separated from the field by a net. It was such an odd sight that our Haboob Blog took notice.

Finally, he brought his glove tour one state over, setting up shop near Diamondbacks chief baseball officer Tony La Russa in the seats in front of a suite. No hat for the former NFL quarterback this time.

Harbaugh seems to be almost superstitious with his attire. His black sweater and khaki pants on game days are a staple, and he apparently can’t go to a baseball game without bringing a mitt. Who knows if he even cares about catching a foul ball?

At which park will the eccentric coach be spotted next?