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The battle of the century: Superman vs. Matt Leinart

You knew it was just a matter of time.

With Johnny Manziel galavanting all over the globe taking selfies and rolling up $20 bills in bathrooms, somebody was going to compare the Cleveland Browns rookie to Matt Leinart.

The always edgy TMZ film crews caught up with actor Dean Cain while he was unloading his grocery cart and asked about Manziel — because, once upon a time, Cain played football at Princeton. And because, well, he’s Superman.

And Cain brought up the Leinart comparison.

“I remember another quarterback back in the day coming out and being a high draft choice and hanging out with the Hollywood starlet and stars and never really doing that well,” Cain said, offering Manziel career advice. “I didn’t say any names that came out of USC wearing #11…named Matt Leinart, but…”

After winning the 2005 Heisman Trophy and two national championships at USC, Leinart came into the NFL with great fanfare when he was picked 10th overall by the Arizona Cardinals in 2006.

Leinart was in the public eye and developed a reputation for partying — remember the hot tub photos? However, he never lived up to the hype and has bounced around the league since being released by the Cardinals in 2011. He is currently a free agent.

And he didn’t like Cain’s comments, so he tweeted about them.

D-List? Ouch!

Hey Matt, we’ll have you know that Dean is currently in pre-production for The Three Dogateers Save Christmas, so yeah.