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Awesome or unsportsmanlike? Check out this middle school’s ‘Ugly Kardashian’ play

Why is it called “The Ugly Kardashian?” It’s hard to say. All we know is the sneaky play was executed to perfection by a middle school football team.

On the first play of the game, Lewis and Clark Middle School quarterback Atiq Muhammad took the ball from center Josh Copeland and acted as though he was going to hand the football to the referee in an apparent need to switch out the ball for another one.

Instead, after walking forward a few feet, Muhammad took off and ran the length of the field for a touchdown against a befuddled Thomas Jefferson Middle School squad.

It’s a tricky play, but it’s hardly unique. The “Ugly Kardashian” was also successfully executed by Driscoll Middle School three years ago.

Does this kind of play fall under the category of gamesmanship or poor sportsmanship? You be the judge.

Also, note that the gentleman who shot the video seemed to know the play was coming.