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Onside trick: Hebron High School executes sneaky play to perfection

Baseball has the hidden-ball trick. Football now has the hidden-player trick.

On Friday, Hebron High School in Carrollton, Texas, lined up for a standard kickoff against Allen High School. But then, the kicker called his teammates into a huddle five yards behind the ball and tee.

All but one teammate, that is. No. 9 for Hebron discreetly backed away from the huddle and appeared headed for the sideline…

But wait, it’s a trap!

The perfectly-executed onside kick gave the Hawks excellent field position.

Don’t feel too bad for the Allen kids, though; they went on to beat Hebron 44-10.

And sadly, the kick is undoubtedly the highlight of the season thus far for the Hawks, who fell to 0-6 on the year.