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Arizona Cardinals’ Carson Palmer inadvertently plays footsies with Raiders linebacker

Ever had somebody try to tie your shoelaces together while you’re not looking?

How about tying your shoes with somebody else’s?

Well that’s kind of what happened in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Arizona Cardinals-Oakland Raiders matchup.

Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer dropped back to pass and had to get rid of the ball quickly before he was taken to the ground by Raiders linebacker Khalil Mack.

When the smoke had cleared, Palmer’s right shoe and Mack’s left one were knotted together, as seen in a photo tweeted by our very own Vince Marotta.

The two opponents could not pry their feet apart, and
Arizona tackle Jared Veldheer had to step and try to separate the two disparate cleats — and it took several awkward seconds to get them undone.

And where were the two shoes stuck together? Not by the cleats at the bottom like you might presume; they were bound together at the top of both shoes around the laces area.

The Cardinals went on to win the game 24-13, improving to 5-1. The 23-year-old Mack had a game-high 11 tackles, including three for loss, but his awkwardly long rendezvous in the backfield with Palmer was not one of them.