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P.K. Subban dons 'Thriller' costume for Halloween party
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P.K. Subban dons ‘Thriller’ costume for Halloween party

P.K. Subban is already quite menacing when he lines up as a defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens, but he is a whole different kind of scary when donning a Michael Jackson getup.

While attending the team’s annual Halloween party, Subban decided to honor the late singer and go dressed in one of his most famous characters: the zombie version of Michael Jackson from the ‘Thriller’ music video.

No word yet on whether Subban performed the iconic dance or brought a date to a graveyard, like Jackson does in the video, but the defenseman did at least commit fully to the costume. Between the makeup, eerily authentic wig, and dead-on red leather jacket, Subban makes for a ringer, albeit an incredibly massive ringer, for Jackson.