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Mr. Dockett goes to jury duty

The day many of us dread. The day we get up early, drive downtown and sit in a room with a host of other strangers waiting to hear, or hoping to not hear, our names called.

It may be our civic duty, but jury duty is far from entertaining — well at least it’s supposed to be.

But for those who follow Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett on social media, jury duty became a lot more interesting as No. 90 live tweeted the riveting events of his day.

Sometimes his thoughts were pensive:

Other times humorous:

The realization that word has spread about his live tweeting:

The adventures continued as Dockett shared stories of people staring at him, going into other courtrooms and his desire to order pizza from an app on his phone because he was told he couldn’t leave to eat.

Once his pizza arrived (assuming it did indeed arrive), Dockett recounted a judge’s question to him:

Just another day at jury duty.

Check out @ddockett on Twitter for more tweets about the event. WARNING some tweets contain language not suitable for all ages