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Jazz’s Trevor Booker hits unthinkable shot off an inbounds pass

“Just tap it in. Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy. Tap tap taparoo.”

Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker gave a whole meaning to that classic “Happy Gilmore” quote during a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday.

Late in the second quarter, Utah’s Gordon Hayward inbounded the ball to Booker in the post. It was a bounce pass, and the Jazz forward tapped it over his head with two hands and, improbably, the shot went right in.

Yes, just like they drew it up in practice…

And Booker didn’t put up such a shot for the fun of it; there were only two-tenths of a second on the shot clock as Hayward passed the ball inbounds.

So when it comes to game-winning attempts, it looks like Booker’s tap-in might solve the quandary of how to get off a shot with mere tenths of a second left on the game clock.

Take that, Derek Fisher.

The Thunder got the last laugh however, winning a close one 99-94. Booker finished with eight points and nine rebounds — both of which are higher than his season averages — in the loss.