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‘Jael Mary’ video can make anyone feel better

There were plenty of upset Arizona State football fans back in October when it looked like the Sun Devils would lose to USC in Los Angeles.

I mean, it was pretty bleak. Having dropped seven in a row to the Trojans at the L.A. Coliseum, the Devils trailed by five points with just seven seconds left and needed a miracle to win.

They got one.

Quarterback Mike Bercovici lofted the ball up toward the end zone and receiver Jaelen Strong swooped in and caught the ball in the end zone for a touchdown and a win.

That play turned many an ASU fan’s frown upside down. It works on babies too.

A Sun Devil fan (Peggy ForASU on YouTube) posted the below video of a baby wailing, and then calming down when exposed to one of the greatest plays in school history.

And here’s the play for good measure.