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Brooklyn Nets’ Jefferson shoots 68-footer for no apparent reason

One of the more enjoyable parts of watching a basketball game are the end-of-quarter heaves that are usually from at least half court and rarely go in because, as we’ve seen, every now and again one does.

With time running out a player essentially has nothing to lose. You’re not expected to make the shot from that far away, but if you sink it you are going to end up on all the highlight reels. People will know your name. You’ll be kind of a big deal.

World, meet Brooklyn Nets forward Cory Jefferson.

You may remember him from such bloopers as incredibly sad three-point shot attempt, but now he has an even greater claim to fame.

In Wednesday night’s game against the Miami Heat — which Brooklyn lost 104-98, the forward launched a nearly 70-foot attempt…with eight seconds left in the third quarter.

It fell woefully short. Nets are gonna Net, you know.