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Young Giants fan saves young Diamondbacks fan’s day

Catching a foul ball at a baseball game sounds like a real enjoyable experience.

And we say it “sounds like” because, well, we have yet to catch one ourselves.

Anyway, sometimes a ball is not “caught” so much as it is “tossed” into the stands, and at that point it’s usually up to the person throwing the ball (either the ball boy/Golden Glove or a player) to choose who will get the gift.

At this point, we’re too old to have a ball thrown our way, but we’re not bitter or anything.

Moving on.

Sometimes, the ball toss goes awry. The aim is off or, perhaps, another fan steps in front and makes the grab. Such was the case Sunday at the Diamondbacks vs. Giants game, as Gerardo Parra tossed a ball toward a young fan, who missed out on a chance to take home a souvenir when someone with a glove stepped in front and made the grab.

Missing out, the young fan was sad over it. Very, very sad.

The good news is another fan (who happened to be wearing a Giants hat), seeing what was going on, decided to come and save the day.

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