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Peyton Manning personally replies to fan’s wedding invitation

When you’re about to celebrate one of life’s biggest milestones, you want everybody to see, right? Even your favorite celebrity or sports hero?

Well, according to Fansided, one Reddit user’s sister sent a wedding invitation to Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

The invite asked for the response to be returned by Oct. 23. Perhaps the fan hasn’t heard, but Manning’s kind of in the middle of an NFL season right now.

The Broncos quarterback had to decency to fill out the card and send it back to the couple however. He signed his name as “Peyton Manning 18,” and checked “Regretfully Decline.”

Despite turning down their invite, he did add, “Best wishes,” on the response.

Makes you wonder if the star QB would have actually attended if the wedding took place during his offseason.

At least the fan got a free autograph, though.

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