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Cardinals’ Ryan Lindley visits former elementary school as ‘principal’

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Ryan Lindley returned to school on Tuesday — elementary that is.

The Alpine Elementary School graduate visited his former stomping grounds, taking on the role of “Principal for a Day.”

Hundreds of students in grades 1-5 mobbed the 6-foot-4 quarterback, who did not take any regular season snaps last year. Lindley, being the professional he is, signed anything and everything that was thrown his way.

Lindley pointed out the dirt fields at the Alpine, Calif., school, where he used to play football every day to the kids of his former first-grade teacher’s classroom.

The 24-year-old San Diego native helped serve orange chicken at the cafeteria, posed for countless photos and reconnected with former teachers as part of his principal duties.

Lindley’s donation of three boxes of footballs, basketballs and soccer balls to the school rounded out his day as principal, proving he was the No. 1 guy for the job.

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