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Tom Izzo pours his heart out talking about Lacey Holsworth

Lacey Holsworth’s story is well known and worth knowing.

Lacey was the young girl who suffered from neuroblastoma and befriended Michigan State star Adreian Payne when the player was visiting her hospital.

Just eight-years-old, Lacey spent plenty of time around Payne and the Michigan State basketball team, including following them around during their NCAA Tournament run over the last few weeks.

Sadly, Lacey passed away late Tuesday. Her death rocked Payne and the Michigan State program, as all became attached to the wonderful young girl who always had a smile on her face.

Wednesday night in Lansing, Michigan State coach Tom Izzo went to a vigil for Lacey and offered up some inspiring words for all who were in attendance.

“This little, tiny girl. She wasn’t that big, she wasn’t that strong, but she sure was powerful, wasn’t she,” Izzo said.