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Horizon Honors’ Mikaela Martin named Fulton Homes Character Counts Monthly Winner

High school seniors aren’t often known for understanding their place in the grand scheme of things, but don’t tell that to Mikaela Martin of Horizon Honors High School.

A member of the cross country and track teams, Martin coordinated a shoe drive with both high school and middle school students — collecting and cleaning 190 pairs of shoes and distribution them with the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving.

Martin reached out to the middle school’s Girls on the Run program, which strives to promote a healthy lifestyle among middle school aged-girls, to coordinate the drive and spread the word.

“I thought it would be a great way to get the little girls involved and the high school girls involved and serve other people,” she said.

But that’s not where Martin’s good will ends.

She also went on a mission to Haiti, and wants to take a year off between graduating from college — where she expects to study kinesiology — and graduate school to take mission trips around the world.

“It’s amazing to see the conditions that other people live in and how they can be content and happy in them,” she said. “It really made me want to just be positive and happy in all situations, and also give everything I can to other people.”

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