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Ohio State football players send inspiring messages to sick child

The Ohio State Buckeyes found a way to make life better for a 4-year-old who is battling leukemia.

Joshua Chambers is a big fan of the team, and his story found its way to junior linebacker Joshua Perry.

So, Perry and his teammates decided to record messages of support for Chambers.

According to, Perry didn’t have a tough time selling his teammates on giving up 30 seconds of their time to help out.

“He just wants to hear from some Buckeyes and it’ll make his day,” Perry said. “We got a lot of good guys and they dropped what they were doing immediately in order to make a message.”

Thirty seconds for the smallest and simplest of tokens.

But it’s hard to measure how much it meant.

The messages started coming into Chambers’ father Jeremy’s phone, and one-by-one he relayed them to his son.

“I would forward them from my phone to Joshua’s iPad and he’d get a message and it would pop and he’d say ‘It’s another Buckeye!'” Chambers said.

“The way we did it by sending them over to his iPad one at a time he was like ‘Oh another one and another one!'”

The inspiring messages can be seen in the video below. Nice job, gents.

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