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Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers assists girl in cancer awareness campaign

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is one of the biggest stars in the NFL, and he is no stranger to using that fame to bring attention to a few, select people and the causes they champion.

One such recipient is Annie Bartosz. A sixth-grader from Wisconsin, Annie started the “Gold in September” campaign after losing her twin brother Jack to cancer two years ago, according to Yahoo Sports. The campaign aims to raise awareness about pediatric cancer by asking people to wear the color gold in September.

Rodgers decided to help Annie out with her campaign, surprising her at her house before helping her go door to door in the neighborhood to tell people about Gold in September.

Rodgers met and became friends with Jack when he became involved with the MACC Fund, which helps families of children with cancer. This friendship translated into Rodgers’ support of Annie’s campaign a couple years later.

A new video is part of series titled “It’s Aaron,” in which Rodgers visits people like Annie and shares their story.

Not only does the video bring attention to an important cause, but it is worth watching just for the great reactions of Annie and her neighbors when they realize who came to visit.

With all the negativity surrounding the NFL lately, it’s always good to hear positive stories such as this one.

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