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Mississippi high school QB fills in for injured opponent

When the other team loses its only player at a certain position, do you let them forfeit, or do you think of a way to keep the game going?

That was a recent conundrum in a Mississippi junior varsity game as the Brandon Bulldogs faced the Northwest Rankin Cougars.

The Cougars lost their starting quarterback to an injury in the first half, and they had no backup to finish out the game, according to the “Today” show.

That prompted Bulldogs coach Brad Peterson to send one of his two quarterbacks over to the Cougars side of the field at halftime. The game must go on!

And not only did the Cougars get just any quarterback, Peterson gave them his starter.

Mason Mathieu got to play the entire second half with Northwest Rankin, and he didn’t pull any punches on his Bulldog brethren. Although Brandon still won the game, Mathieu led Northwest Rankin to two offensive touchdowns.

“It was great playing with them. They’re a great group of guys,” Mathieu told “Today.”

Now that’s sportsmanship.