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Oakland A’s Brett Lawrie treats heartbroken girl to pizza after trade from Toronto

When you’re a professional ballplayer, some things are beyond your control, such as how long a team wants to keep you on its roster.

Last month, infielder Brett Lawrie was traded from the Toronto Blue Jays to the Oakland A’s for three prospects and third baseman Josh Donaldson.

The move upset a 6-year-old Blue Jays fan named Amelia, who is seen in YouTube video crying over Lawrie’s departure after four years in Toronto.

The 24-year-old Lawrie apparently caught wind of the video — as have more than 250,000 others so far — and he got in contact with Amelia and took her out for pizza recently.

Even though Amelia wasn’t happy with the trade, she’s still supporting her team, as seen in the photo Lawrie tweeted.

And Amelia said in the video that it’s going to be impossible for her to root for Lawrie because he’s on a different team, but with the infielder’s classy gesture, he may have earned her allegiance no matter where he goes throughout his career.