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Chuck Powell: Why does everyone hate LeBron?

Another NBA season has come and gone. The Miami Heat are back-to-back world champs, following a seven-game NBA Finals victory over the San Antonio Spurs.

The city of San Antonio, which is as passionate as any fan base in the NBA, begins the long road toward accepting that their Spurs treated them to another great season, even amid their disappointment over coming up so very short of another title. Meanwhile, the fans of 28 other NBA cities hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Welcome to the life of a sports fan, makes me glad I don’t have a favorite team. For as much as we love sports in this country, we certainly spend a lot of time grieving over it, arguing about it, and belittling the more successful. And each year for the last three NBA seasons, I’ve been left with the same head-scratching question.

Why do so many people hate LeBron James?