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Big Red Wolf Report: After the Eagles before the Cowboys

Last week, the Cardinals defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 24-20, in a thriller on the tumultuous waves of the Red Sea. Now, the Cards are getting ready for an NFC showdown in Dallas against the Cowboys.

The Cardinals did not do a good enough job running the football last week against the Eagles. The Cards offensive line is going to have to pick it up this week against the Cowboys if they wish to win this game.

However, Tony Romo could not handle the blitz last week against the Washington Redskins. We all know 6-man blitzes and cover-0 blitzes are part of the “Todd Bowles Special” so the Cowboys can expect to see this during Sunday’s game.

Lastly, the Cowboys give up a lot of yards per play because they miss more than their share of tackles and this is why they must make the Cowboys tackle in space.