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Suns won’t trade Nash to fix problems

After making a surprise trip to the Western Conference Finals last season, the Phoenix Suns have struggled mightily this year. The team has failed to find any rhythm at all and, as a result, finds themselves with a 15-21 record. Despite the poor start, don’t expect former MVP Steve Nash to be traded as part of the solution to their problems.

Suns president Lon Babby, as a guest on Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug and Wolf show, made it clear that Nash isn’t going anywhere.

“I sat down next to Steve on the plane last night and we chatted for a little while,” he said. “He is a great partner and a full partner in what we’re trying to do. To me, the notion of trading away our best player is not the solution. He’s part of the solution. He wants to be part of the solution.”

Despite the strong statement, Babby seemed to leave the slight possibility that Nash could be dealt if he wants out of Phoenix.

“As long as he wants to be part of this, and I see absolutely no indication otherwise, we’re going to figure this all out together,” he said. “He is our leader and he is our franchise.”

With all indications pointing to Nash remaining with the team, question becomes how the Babby and the Suns front office can turn things around. It’s an answer even the they don’t seem to have.

“This is not, candidly, the best time to be asking me what our plans are because I’m so disappointed in our effort level,” he said. “It would be a mistake for us not to be deliberative, see exactly where we are and be fair and objective in our analysis and then make decisions based on that.

“We look at that everyday. We will continue to look at that. All I can assure you and our fans is that we are going to work hard to find solutions to this and we are working hard.”

Babby may not have the answers but he has a plan he’d like to implement for the long term success of the franchise.

“The goal here is to build something solid with strength going forward but at the same time continue to compete and make ourselves better now,” he said. “We’re trying to do both. We thought our trade set us up do that. So far that has not happened to the extent that we would have wanted. We’ve got to look at everything. We’ve got to look at it from every angle and we are.”

Whatever the solutions proves to be, they’ll need to find it fast for the Suns to turn things around this season.

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