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Steve Nash: I want to play three years

The Phoenix Suns may want to keep Steve Nash in purple and orange for the remainder of his career, but does he want to stay in the Valley? We don’t know exactly. What we do know is just how long Nash envisions said career lasting.

In an interview with AM New York, Nash laid out his ideal path to retirement.

I want to play three years, and in three years we can see how I feel. I definitely feel like three years is a good number for me right now.

Three years does sound like a good number for the 37-year-old point guard. Retiring at the ripe old age of 40 seems fitting. There’s just one problem, his contract with the Suns ends after next season.

If the former MVP truly wants to put in three more seasons before calling it a career there’s a distinct possibility that next year — if there is a next year in the NBA — could be his last in the Valley. It all boils down to; does it make sense for Nash or the franchise to ink another deal when his current one expires?

It comes down to if the Suns are looking to rebuild or keep their championship playoff hopes alive (however faint the pulse may become in the coming years).

This offseason will go a long way to determining what exactly the future of the Suns organization is and if Nash will be retiring as a member of it three years from now.

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