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Gentry likes Jimmer, Jimmer likes him back

The local media may not have been allowed to talk to Jimmer Fredette after his workout at the US Airways Center Monday but our sources, better known as his YouTube page, have given us a look into exactly what the BYU guard thought about his workout for the Phoenix Suns.

In a video posted to, Fredette talks to his brother TJ — we assume it doesn’t stand for The Jimmer — and shared his thoughts on his performance.

“It went pretty well, they just tried to put me in a couple situations,” he told his brother. “A lot of full court, one on one stuff. Had to stop a guy who had a full head of steam, get him under control and try to stop him. They picked the biggest strongest kids they could find to go against me.”

In a moment during the conversation that sounded something like a teenager sharing his social experience from his day at school, Jimmer opened up about if he liked the Suns and if he thought they liked him back.

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