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Very strong football man Mark Ingram gets tackled by very good dog

Mark Ingram is a stoutly-built dude.

The New Orleans Saints running back is listed at 5-foot-9 and 215 pounds — not a top-heavy person by any means.

But if opposing football players want a little tape of how to bring Ingram down, maybe they should roll this video from the running back’s visit to Italy as part of a USO tour.

Dressed in whatever you call those things you wear when you expect a dog to gnaw at your limbs, Ingram was captured on video running away from a pooch at Aviano Air Base. It looks like Ingram tries to spin out of being tackled, but the very good boy used that force against the running back, grabbing him high and spinning him down to the ground with force.

Ingram could be embarrassed that the world just saw him get lit up by a doggo that’s much smaller than him, but he’s probably just glad he didn’t end up on the (I’m so sorry) PUP list.

Instead, Ingram has an explanation and a respect for the very talented dog.

“There was a lot that goes into it, right? Everybody, I was peer pressured. I haven’t fell into peer pressure my whole life, and they peer pressured me to go out here and get attacked by this dog,” Ingram said on a Twitter post. “So the first time, he just ran up close to me and bit my arm. I handled him. The second time, he was a little farther away — bit my hand, I handled him. Then the third time, they said ‘run away from him’ … And everyone was like ‘juke him, juke him, like make him miss.

“The dog looked excited so I’m not going to juke him. So I started running, then I saw him behind me, so I said, ‘let me spin out of it,’ then I spun and he got my arm and he slung me, he horse collared me. But I got up though. I got up though, like a champ.”


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