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Reggie Miller put on a VR headset for a game he’s already at

Virtual reality is one of the biggest trends right now in technology. Put on a VR headset and you’ll feel like you really are where the system is projecting.

The NBA on TNT has an app you can download in order to get that experience for NBA games and TNT broadcaster Reggie Miller was shown trying it out.

That catch is, it’s hard to imagine Miller was getting an improved view of Game 2 between the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs because he was already sitting courtside calling the game.

What makes the bit is Miller being blown away by the view in the headset, proclaiming, “this is awesome, by the way. This is absolutely awesome!”

Sure, the experience would be cool for someone who has never played in the NBA before and wants to feel like they are on the court, but Miller, of course, is a Hall of Famer.

Everyone was confused and amused at the same time.

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