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ESPN writer: Suns had a rough offseason

The Phoenix Suns didn’t do much to overhaul their roster
in the shortened offseason, with their key moves being the
re-signing of Grant Hill, drafting of Markieff Morris and
signings of Shannon Brown, Ronnie Price and Sebastian

It is those moves — and the lack of any other — that led
Chad Ford
to give the Suns a D+ in his offseason
grades story, which is an ESPN Insider piece.

The Suns’ free-agent haul this year won’t do much to
inspire Suns fans. It consisted of Shannon Brown, Ronnie
Price and Sebastian Telfair. Of the three, Brown is a
legit pickup, albeit a role player. Their draft pick,
Markieff Morris, is big and can shoot, but the chances of
him being a starter in the NBA, let alone a franchise
savior, are slim.

That’s not going to do much to inspire Suns fans, but it’s
not an uncommon perception.

Ford goes on to say the Suns will have to finally realize
that they should have traded Nash two years ago, because
at this point he would not bring back much value. However,
that would have meant passing up a trip to the Western
Conference Finals, and it’s doubtful Suns fans would want
to give that postseason back.

So, maybe Ford is right and the Suns didn’t do enough this
season to become a legitimate contender. There’s little
the team can do about now short of trading Nash, and they
don’t seem ready to do that just yet.

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