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Nash takes the high road on Kobe comments

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Phoenix Suns 99-83 on
Tuesday night in Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant played like,
well, Kobe Bryant, pumping in 48 points in the Lakers’

For 39 minutes, Bryant played like he hated the Phoenix
Suns, and after the game he confirmed it.

“I don’t like them, I don’t like them, it is plain and
simple,” Bryant said. “I do not like them, they used to
whoop us pretty good and used to let us know about it, and
I will not forget that.”

Hmm. Sounds like Kobe has a long memory and is choosing
to focus on the period of time post-Shaq and pre-Gasol
when the Suns owned the Lakers, going 19-8 against them
and twice eliminating them from the postseason.

Because since the NBA allowed the most one-sided trade in
the history of basketball and let Memphis unload All-Star
Pau Gasol to the Lakers for next-to-nothing, the Lakers
have turned the tables, going 15-5 against the Suns —
including the 2010 Western Conference Finals.

Bryant’s comments are the type that can start wars, and
wouldn’t you know it, the Suns most high-profile superstar
let loose in his response on Wednesday.

OK, not really.

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