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It’s time for the Suns to free Steve Nash

Do you like Steve Nash? Then let him go.

Do you revere, value, and marvel at what Steve Nash has
done for the Suns? Then let it go.

Do you acknowledge and concede that Planet Orange still
orbits around the brightest Sun in franchise history?
Then let yourself go. Unclench thy fists, we say. Set
Nash free – before the NBA trade deadline.

We’re talking about the man, his team, and the notion.
This antiquated belief that Nash still has a future in
Phoenix. Or perhaps that Nash has some greater basketball
purpose to serve. Not here, not anymore.

Alas, at age 37, the Nash Rambler might as well be the
Phoenix Suns Gorilla, minus the trampolines. Both take
the court to entertain only, because both can only impact
the outcome so much. And, in both cases, it’s not their

For one, The Gorilla doesn’t log meaningful minutes (yet).
And Nash, much like the Rambler automobile from the 50’s,
has nothing left around him. Nash might as well be on an
engine stand, a motor sitting all by itself outside the

That was never more (painfully) apparent than the Suns
game at MSG. While the Knicks were looking worse than the
ratty hat on the head of Woody Allen, the TV broadcast
busted out archive highlights from a triple-OT game vs.
the Knicks, circa 2006.

Immediately, we yearned for the TV suits to send the
current game to the highlight reel and air the 2006 game –
in its entirety. Heck, run it on a loop, 24/7. Let us
soak in and savor what it was like for Nash to run the
break with high-flying finishers and dead-eye shooters.
From Amare and Marion filling the lane, to Joe Johnson,
Quentin Richardson, and Raja Bell all filling the hoop
from long range.

Back then, you couldn’t believe the box score. Now, all
you hear is the clock ticking. And it’s not coming from
the scoreboard.

Yes, it’s time. The time has come for us to do what’s
only right and let go, both of the man and the notion.
Nash has performed his community service. Hence, he is
allowed to take off the orange (vest).

So, here in 2012, Paulie Point Guard has once again
entered the Betty Ford Clinic for Playmakers. That’s
right, just a couple years ago, we did the same for
another #13. (In fact, note to Suns/Cardinals: if the
Team Shop just sold “Quit #13 Patches” – it’d be so much

Like Kurt Warner, we’ve been slowly weaning ourselves off
the masterful brand of ball where an MVP triggerman not
only makes everyone better, but makes it matter. Every
game, every possession. Look away for a moment and you
might miss something. And you simply can’t put a value on
that. We know that.

Yet, it’s time. Later this season, Nash should be riding
his skateboard in NYC or driving an F-150 in OKC. Heck,
maybe he will walk the red carpet in Miami, where the Big
3 will now all be former MVP’s (sorry Chris Bosh).

Forget “Free Willy.” For Nash the filmmaker, he should
cast himself in his own flick – “Free Nash.”

Everybody now: “Ready, Set, (Let) Go!”