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Suns need to part ways with Robin Lopez

It is time for the Phoenix Suns to recognize that Robin
Lopez will never amount to anything more than a below-
average backup center. And once they do that they need to
find a team that is willing to trade for the 7-footer who
was the 15th pick in the 2008 NBA draft out of Stanford.

Lopez is hurting the Phoenix Suns. He is taking playing
time away from players more deserving of it and his
volatile demeanor is a negative in the locker room. His
intentional bumping of an official in a game
against the Toronto Raptors should be the last straw.

There is no place for Lopez’s antics on this team and he
is likely to be suspended and fined for his actions
Tuesday night. I understand he is young and has size and
that you hate giving up on a first-round pick. But the
Suns have given up on plenty of first-round picks lately –
see Earl Clark, Alando Tucker, Casey Jacobsen, Zarko
Cabarkapa etc…

Lopez is averaging 4.8 points and 3.3 rebounds in 14
minutes per game. His career averages are 5.8 points and
3.3 rebounds. I’m sure they can get that type of
production signing someone out of the D-League.

decided not to sign Lopez to a contract extension by
Wednesday deadline, so he will be a restricted free agent
the end of the season. I had heard rumblings of him
wanting in the neigborhood of $6 million per season on a
multi-year deal.

The Suns did the right thing because Lopez is a dime a
dozen player, not worthy of a contract of any length of
time for any significant money. Find a taker, trade him