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Steven Souza mic’d up against Nationals, takes advantage of situation

Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Steven Souza Jr. was mic’d up during Sunday’s contest against the Washington Nationals, and he didn’t disappoint.

The antics started while Souza, right fielder Chris Owings and first baseman Paul Goldschmidt were stretching ahead of first pitch.

Souza asked Owings and Goldschmidt if they would like to give their moms a shoutout on Mother’s Day, an offer Owings couldn’t refuse.

“I love you, mom!” Owings yelled as he leaned towards Souza’s microphone.

As Goldschmidt looked on laughing, Souza gave Owings a lesson on how microphones and volume controls work.

Realizing he had forgotten to give his own shoutout, Souza wished his wife, mother, grandmother, and mother-in-law a happy Mother’s Day before he continued to have a conversation with himself in the outfield.

Later in the ballgame, Souza continued to talk amongst himself, leading us to believe this is something he may do on a regular basis.

But hey, we don’t blame him.

He even took the time to critique himself and his recent struggle at the plate.

Despite failing to record a hit Sunday, Souza provided unique entertainment for the national broadcast audience.

And quite frankly, we are all in favor of him wearing a microphone going forward in the season.

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