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Newsmakers Week: Gentry talks challenges, Lin, Morris

Alvin Gentry knew this would be a difficult season, but
the lockout made things even more challenging.

The Suns coach, a guest on Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and
Wolf Wednesday as part of Newsmakers Week, said the game
seems to be coming quickly.

“I’ve gone through a lockout before, but not really like
this,” Gentry said. “We’ve had one practice in the last
two weeks or so, and there’s a lot of things you’d like to
try to work on and get better at.”

Gentry said the thing that most disappoints him is the
team’s record at home, where the Suns have won just five
of 12 games.

“We’ve lost at home to Cleveland and we’ve lost at home to
Toronto and we’ve lost at home to New Jersey,” he said. “I
think if we would have just taken care of business there,
because we’ve played pretty good on the road, then we’d be
in a situation where I think we’d be about where I thought
we would be.”