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Suns coach Alvin Gentry is understandably frustrated

Alvin Gentry had his Denny Green moment after Wednesday’s
loss to Golden State.

There was no “The Warriors are who we thought they were,”
but Gentry’s anger and frustration were not unlike that of
the former Cardinals coach that fateful October eve.

“I’m disgusted,” Gentry said. “I’m disgusted with the way
we played, I’m disgusted with the fact that we’ve got a
chance to end the break on something really upbeat and
positive, and instead we just walk through the first
(expletive) 10 minutes of the game, excuse me. The first
10 minutes of the game, I’m sorry.”

Gentry apologized for his use of profanity, but he
shouldn’t have to. He’s not the only person who’s wanted
to curse at the team donning purple and orange this
season, as a 14-20 record at the break is certainly
nothing to smile about.

But this isn’t Gentry’s fault, so he has nothing to be
sorry for. The ones who should be apologizing are the
decision-makers who gutted a roster the head coach guided
to the Western Conference Finals less than two calendar
years ago, and was a Ron Artest (when he was still called
that) put-back away from a likely trip to the NBA Finals.