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Babby: Playoffs a nice reward for team in transition

The Phoenix Suns are in transition, according to President
of Basketball Operations Lon Babby.

That means they’re not one of the league’s best teams and
certainly not a contender to win the NBA title.

But they do have a shot at reaching the playoffs, and, as
Babby told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf, it would be
nice accomplishment.

“Our plan all along has been to begin a transition or
rebuilding process while at the same time trying to remain
competitive,” he said. “I think we’ve done that this year,
particularly the second half of the year we’ve played at a
very high level.

“There are a lot of people in this community that would be
excited and should be excited about us making the
but there are also a lot of people in this building — not
just the players — the employees, the people who work so
hard here every day; it’s our job to reward them with the
excitement of a postseason.”

As Babby said, though, the goal is not just to be a
playoff team every year, but to ultimately be one that
could win a title.

“Candidly, we’re not there now and we don’t try to suggest
otherwise,” he said.

But, as he’s maintained all season in not only his words
but the moves the team has made (or didn’t make), the plan
is not to get bad before getting good again.

“I know that’s one motto that NBA teams rely on, and I
don’t think the evidence supports that that’s the right
way to go,” he said.