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Odds against Suns improving 2012 Draft position

The Phoenix Suns have never won the NBA Draft Lottery.

“If we get that (number-one overall pick) I might have to
act a little bit silly then,” said Mark West, the former
Suns center.

West, now the team’s Vice President of Player Programs,
will represent the Suns when the NBA holds its draft
lottery Wednesday.

“You don’t really want to be in the lottery,” said West
before he left for New York, “even though you know if you
(win) you hopefully get a chance to improve your team.”

The Suns chances at improving from their current draft
spot at #13 are slim to say the least.

According to the odds posted on, the Suns have a 2.2%
chance of moving into the Top 3 and only a 0.6% chance of
landing the number-one overall pick.

The Charlotte Bobcats have the best odds at 25%.

“It’s not something that you can have this big preparation
for as far as if I do A, B, C and D I’ll have a better
chance of advancing in the lottery pool. You just kind of
sit there and hope for the best.”

West is making his second straight draft lottery
appearance for the Suns, who missed the playoffs for the
third time in four years.

“They make you up so the lights aren’t blaring off your
forehead,” he said of his experience a year ago.

West did not plan on bringing any good luck charms with
him. He is, however, bringing what he hopes is some good
luck clothing.

“Just wear anything that I have that’s been lucky for me
in the past. Unfortunately, I can’t wear that uniform
where we beat Seattle and we got to the NBA Finals (in

“I’ll have to go with a suit…tie my shoes: right foot
first, left foot second. See if all of those things that
helped me in the past as far as being superstitious…will
help me moving forward. Throw in a few prayers here and
there too.”