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Louisville fan irks UK coach John Calipari, who then helps puppies

John Calipari is comfortable taking heat.

No matter which of the head basketball coach’s stops in college or the NBA, he’s done things his way and identified as a black sheep while speaking out about the ideals of the NCAA and the student-athlete. People take shots at him for embracing the one-and-done rule. They charge him with cheating often. He generally doesn’t respond.

Finally, we’ve found something that gets under his skin.

Don’t call Coach Cal a puppy-hater.

One fan of the Kentucky coach’s rival, Louisville, held up a sign that read “John Calipari HATES PUPPIES GO CARDS!!” while standing outside the Today Show this week, and Calipari wouldn’t let that stand.

Calipari brought his own pooches into the office Tuesday to prove the Cardinals fan incorrect, but this story doesn’t end there.

On Thursday, Calipari welcomed the Lexington Humane Society into his office to completely douse the thought he lives an anti-puppy life. Calipari brought a little more attention to his local humane society, which probably isn’t hurting its mission to find families for homeless doggos, floofers and doges.

Oh, and he also showed up that Louisville fan in the process.

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