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Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges enthralled by Vegas magician

For a week or two in the middle of summer, Las Vegas briefly becomes the center of the basketball universe.

But for the other 50 weeks of the year, Vegas is known as Sin City, The City of Lights and The Entertainment Capital of the World.

Suns rookies Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges got a taste of the latter when a magician blew their minds with a trick using basketball trading cards.

Ripping a corner off a Mike Conley card is hardly acceptable behavior. Someone tore a Dirk Nowitzki card in half? Criminal!

Nonetheless, at the end of the trick, Ayton and Bridges seemed thoroughly entertained.

“I gotta get out of here,” Ayton said. “Vegas is too much for me.”

Some people just cant handle Vegas.

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