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Toothpaste, then water? D-backs tackle the tough question

When the Arizona Diamondbacks aren’t out on the diamond playing baseball, they get asked the hard questions.

Monday’s question was clearly evident of that.

It seems like a pretty straight forward question: water, then toothpaste or toothpaste then water?

“If you don’t put water on your toothbrush before you brush your teeth, something’s wrong with you,” D-backs pitcher Archie Bradley said. “Water then toothpaste, then in the mouth. But if you go toothpaste then straight in your mouth, you’re weird. That’s weird.”

While most of the D-backs — Daniel Descalso, Chris Owings, Jarrod Dyson, Bradley and A.J. Pollock — laughed off the notion of going straight toothpaste and brush, first baseman Paul Goldschmidt revealed a shocking truth.

“Just toothpaste,” Goldschmidt said. “No [water], just toothpaste.

“Is that weird?”

Even though most of the United States would probably side on water, then toothpaste, maybe Goldy is on to something.

He is currently leading the team in homers (20), RBI (51), OBP (.388) and hits (94), while being the sole member on the video to not use water.

Think about it.

The best part of it all?

The D-backs heard Goldy’s routine and asked his teammates who would be the most likely to not use water.

Almost all of them said the first baseman.

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