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Dudley: ‘I don’t know why Beasley would tune out the coaches’

LISTEN: Jared Dudley, Suns Guard

Phoenix Suns small forward Michael Beasley dropped 25 points while shooting 12-17 from the field and grabbing six boards against Golden State Friday. In a post-game interview, he said his improved play was due to tuning people out, from teammates and family to his coaches.

Beasley struggled in his consequent game, going 1-11 from the floor with two rebounds versus New Orleans Sunday. The small forward’s playing time also took a considerable hit, going from 32 minutes Friday to 15 Sunday.

Beasley’s teammate, Jared Dudley, told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf Tuesday that the inconsistency in the former No. 2 pick’s game comes from how he plays early in the game.

“I believe that Michael Beasley in a game that he plays well, he make his first couple shots,” Dudley said. “He gains confidence in his coaching staff to leave him out there and they run more plays for him.”

Dudley added that Beasley’s recent increase in production can also be attributed to the way opponents have defended the Suns.

“I think he had a mismatch (Friday). Depending on certain situations, certain teams play certain players different. They didn’t double him and he was getting lay-ups and once he made his first couple shots then it opened up his jump shot,” Dudley said. “When he plays well and hits the jump shot like that, it opens up his game.”

According to Dudley, Beasley, who is known as a sort of enigmatic figure around the league, should take heart to the instruction he is receiving from the coaching staff.

“I don’t know why he would be tuning out the coaches because sometimes when he may be tired of people getting on him all the time, they’re trying to stay on him to become a better basketball player,” the shooting guard said. “He shouldn’t take it as a negative, it should be a positive.

“I would say there’s got to be a better balance. Don’t tune them out, listen to them but play your game in a concept of what the team wants you to do.”