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No player on the Suns is untouchable

No disrespect intended… but I am about to disrespect an entire roster full of basketball players.

There is not one player on the Suns roster I wouldn’t trade right now. Not one. They’re all touchable.

Marcin Gortat? You can have him. Jared Dudley? You bet. Goran Dragic, for as good as he was last year? Sure if that’s what it takes. Michael Beasley? Pretty please.

When I read this rumor on our site that the
Suns would be interested in dealing Gortat to Portland if Cody Zeller is there at #10, I couldn’t rubber stamp it fast enough.

Truth is, I think the Suns roster has a few guys that might appeal to teams who are fringe playoff teams. It’s a roster filled with good role players, which clearly makes for a poor basketball team when that’s all you have. But one of those players, added to a roster that already has better, established talent and now you’re talking.

It’s not that I hate Gortat. He’s fine, but not for the money he’ll want in a year. It’s not that I love Zeller. He’s a guy with skills that I’m not sure translates in the NBA. But it’s time for a reboot and to give the new GM some toys to play with.

I want to see what Ryan McDonough can do with a late lottery pick. That’s where he seems to work his magic; finding the guys who can actually equate to value in this league.

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