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Who’s Your Daddy: Tim Kempton

What is the most important life lesson your dad passed down to you?

It was just, ‘Be accountable for what you are and what you do.’ My dad was a part of the 1961 point-shaving scandal at St. Joe’s. They went to the Final Four that year and he learned a life lesson that year. He wanted me to understand that there are consequences in your actions and the best thing you can do is stand up and be responsible, but make sure you are thinking about that action because there is always a reaction on the other end.

What is the most memorable sports experience you remember sharing with your dad?

The best memory I have is playing with my dad. My dad played later into life and played in some competitive men’s leagues. As I got to be in my teens we got to play with each other. That was the fun thing was to learn from him and play against him. Not only as a coach, but out there as a player and competing with him because he was a really good player himself.

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