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Who’s Your Daddy: Jon Barry, ESPN NBA analyst

What is the most important life lesson you want to pass down to your children?

I just tell my kids I believe in them, and it’s that simple. Just know that your dad believes in you in whatever you choose to do.

What is the the best sports memory you’ve had with your children?

I guess it’s a little bit selfish, but I’m a San Francisco Giants fan and they played the Braves in the playoffs a couple years ago. So we went to the game, and my kids love the Braves — I live in Atlanta — and we beat the Braves, and I talked so much smack to them that they really got really mad on the way home. I’m a true Giant guy, but we had a great time. They love the Braves, and it was a great game. The Braves got up in the eighth inning and we came back and won it in the ninth, and we just had a great time. Every time we go to a sporting event it’s fun. I love when they just ask questions about anything, and sports is a great life lesson in all the sports you do. Hopefully they’re learning as they play each day.

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